Engineering Photo Solutions - Engineering Photographer, Aerial Photographer, Construction Photographer, Architectural Photographer - Denver, Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shoot with digital or film?

Generally, my clients prefer the convenience and cost savings offered by digital images. However, depending on the requirements of your job, I also offer 35mm and medium format film.

How can I be sure you have the appropriate equipment to photograph my project?

This is the reason it's important to hire a professional. Engineering Photo Solutions has the equipment and staff necessary to complete your project. This includes multiple cameras (providing a backup in the event of equipment failure), professional lenses, perspective control lenses, a complete studio, portable studio and location lighting systems, and the knowledge of when and how to apply each. Good equipment does not inherently create a good photo; it takes skill and experience to know what equipment to use in each situation and how to best leverage it to achieve the photographic goal.

Do you shoot subjects other than engineering, construction and architectural projects?

Yes, Engineering Photo Solutions has experience in many other fields of photography including product photography, event photography, portraits, and food photography. Feel free to call or email to discuss further.

Can you shoot our staff photographs?

Yes, Engineering Photo Solutions is experienced in capturing corporate portraits effectively and efficiently. Allison can travel to your offices or site with a studio or location lighting setup complete with backdrop if appropriate. Please call or email for further information.

How quickly can you shoot my aerial project?

Typically, aerial photos can be shot within 2-3 days; however, it can take up to two weeks. The timing depends on a number of factors. First, weather plays an important role in being able to safely photograph your location from the air with high quality imagery. Second, the location and requirements of your project dictate the aircraft used to capture images. Engineering Photo Solutions leases the helicopter and pilot necessary for your shoot; therefore, flight scheduling is dependent on aircraft availability during appropriate windows for optimum weather and lighting conditions.

Do you have knowledge of construction site safety and health regulations?

Allison has had OSHA training in both Construction Safety and Health and 40-Hour HAZWOPER in addition to a variety of other rail safety and confined-space training courses. This level of specialized training and knowledge can help ensure that the photographic process does not create safety concerns for your site.

Who owns the rights to the photographs taken?

Engineering Photo Solutions retains copyright to all photographs. Typically, the client is granted an unrestricted use license for the delivered images; however, please call for more information specific to your project needs.

Are you available for travel?

Yes. I am based in Denver, Colorado, but available for travel to other locations as your projects require.